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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Disassemble Sony VAIO PCG-NV190 Laptop

Disassemble Sony VAIO PCG-NV190 Laptop
Tools required: Set of slotted/phillips screwdrivers , Needle Nose Pliers , Scratch Awl , 3/16 Nutdriver , Torx 8 Screwdriver , Guitar pick (heavy) , Container for screws.

Step 1

Raise the Assy Hood Keyboard – the piece just above the actual keyboard that contains the speakers, power switch, etc.

The Assy Hood Keyboard is held in place by four posts that are spaced along the edge just above the actual keyboard. Spring clamps hold the posts. I gently pried the Assy Hood Keyboard up with small screwdrivers at each end (see arrows in the picture) and then worked my way towards the center. Take care in doing this so as not to break the Assy Hood Keyboard.

Next gently rotate the Assy Hood Keyboard up and towards the top of the laptop. The Assy Hood Keyboard is attached to the motherboard by a small ribbon cable. Depending on what you need to do inside the case you can either disconnect the Assy Hood Keyboard and put it aside or leave it attached but laid out of the way. To disconnect the Assy Hood Keyboard ribbon cable pull up on the blue spacer that holds the ribbon cable in the motherboard connector. The ribbon cable should come out of the connector when the blue spacer comes out. Be sure to save the blue spacer for when you are connecting the Assy Hood Keyboard back to the motherboard.

Step 2

Disconnect the actual keyboard – the piece with all the character keys.

The actual keyboard is attached with a screw just above the keyboard’s center (see arrow in the next picture). After removing this screw you can gentle rotate the keyboard toward you – i.e. towards the bottom of the laptop. The keyboard is connected to the motherboard by a ribbon cable

Depending on what you need to do inside the case you can either disconnect the keyboard and put it aside or leave it connected. You disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable by gently pulling up on the ends of the motherboard connector (see next picture). However the motherboard connector does not come apart in the process so do not attempt to pull the connector release mechanism to hard – just enough to raise it a short ways which should release the ribbon cable.

Step 3

Remove the cover plate with cooling fan attached.

Sorry that the next picture isn’t very clear but it is too late to take another one. However you should be able to make out everything needed to remove the cover plate. First disconnect the fan from the motherboard by pulling up on the socket on the end of the fan wires (red arrow). Next unscrew the nine screws that hold the plate. Each screw is identified by an arrow inscribed in the plate (example in the red circle). Two of the screws are long and are identified by L1 and L2 inscribed in the plate (highlighted by an L1 and L2 in red). Three of the screws are at the bottom of wells identified by D1, D2, and D3 in red.

When the cover plate has been removed you will have access too much of the motherboard as shown in the next picture. I was able to accomplish my objective at this point so I did not do any further disassemble.

Hope this helps.

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